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Welcome to Textile Specialty Buying Services A Pakistan Based Company

Welcome  to Textile Specialty Buying Services A Pakistan Based Company

By The Grace Of Almighty ALLAH TABARAK WA TALLA, The Great, Textile Specialty Buying Services & Sourcing Agency offers Antimicrobial Textile solution with appropriate other functional finishes like Aloe Vera,Jojoba,Honey,Wicking,Vitamin E,Protein and Silk Protein, Oil/Water Repellent, Flame Retardant,Anti Odorant, Stain and Soil Release,Argon Finish,Anti Static,Anti Pilling, Cool &Comfort ,Fragrance types a finishing series applied on Textile, Apparels and Clothing, Home Fashions , Foot wears and Accessories.


We are your partner for  reduction of bacterial growth and We are one of the leading Buying houses in Pakistan specially dealing in antimicrobial textile with other functional textile finishes. We always strive for the fullest satisfaction of our esteemed clients.

In addition to provide our valued customers the most competitive prices from our network of leading manufacturers we also provide good services to our vendors and ensure all quality standards within given prices .