Pakistan Textile Industry (Overview)

Pakistan is recognized as the world’s fourth largest producer and the third largest consumer of cotton. The synergy of quality cotton and latest textile technology has leveraged the successful development of local textile industry in Pakistan. The industry is undertaking consistent efforts to manufacture high quality products to consolidate its position in the export markets.
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The Technical Textiles Conference is a standard feature of the show. It is a higher learning experience with industry experts disseminating the latest developments in the emerging technical textile sector
• The textile industry of Pakistan has been playing a pivotal role to drive national economy with its significant contribution to the industrial production, employment generation and foreign exchange earnings.
• The demand for Pakistan textile products is increasing in the international market and the industry is securing large orders among its regional competitors. The textile machinery worth more than US$ 300 million is imported in 2009-10 while the export of textile and garment sector is more than US$ 10 billion. Furthermore, the Government is supporting the local industry by exempting the duties on the import of textile machinery to penetrate in the foreign markets with high quality value added products.
• The textile industry is improving and upgrading its production facilities with the import of parts and accessories to meet the increasing export orders in time.
• Pakistan’s textile industry is shifting its focus from conventional textiles to “Technical Textiles” due to its diversified applications in different industries such as medicine, agriculture, automotive engineering and defence etc.
• The local manufacturers are realizing the significance of technical textiles and are taking various initiatives to upgrade the production facilities. This requires minimum initial investment to manufacture specialized fabrics that offer higher returns in export markets.