By The Grace Of Almighty ALLAH TABARAK WA TALLA, The Great, Textile Specialty Chemicals
Started operations in 2005 at the present premises, the heart of  Pakistan, Korangi Industrial Area , Karachi .
The Member of
Karachi Chamber of Commerce Industry
The Member of Pakistan Chemicals and Dyes Association.
An ISO-9001 Certified Company.
The presence in all major markets around the country TSC has become one of the leading manufacturers in the industry.

Textile Specialty Chemicals introduce ourselves as indentor/importer/supplier of textile chemicals & manufacture of textile chemical & auxiliaries, deals in Pretreatment,Dyeing/Printing,Finishing and Functional Finshing Chemicals.

Antimicrobials for textile/medical textile,pharmaceuticals,hospital & general uses.

oil/water repellent(flouro carbon based and flouro carbon free),flame retardant, uv protection,pu coating,thickeners,silicones ,wicking,soil release,

aloe vera, jojoba finish,vitamin e,argon finish,honey finsh,towel codioner,anti odorant,antistatic,anti mosquueeto,biocides,

As a team of highly skilled specialist’s professional with strong academia Textile Specialty Chemicals has true itself to be customer’s preferred brand. We always keep on trying to be providing the best chemistry with possible services. Textile Specialty Chemicals assures to the customers constant efficient service. “Customer Satisfaction” is the mission statement of the company
The company has an excellent R&D to develop new products. Our R&D also works and specializes to create products according to customer specific needs also we produce tailor made products according to customers demands. We are focusing to establish our brand in unexplored markets of Pakistan in textile sectors.